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Sterile Universal Pack
non woven fabric maintenance method
Jun 01 , 2021

pay attention to the following points in the maintenance and storage of non-woven fabrics:

Sterile Non woven Product

1. pay attention to keeping it clean during daily storage to avoid the breeding of borers.

2. When storing, pay attention to shading to prevent fading. it should be ventilated , dust removal and dehumidification frequently, and not exposed to the sun. Anti-mold and anti-moth tablets can be placed when necessary.

3. When worn inside, the matching outer lining should be smooth, and no hard objects should be placed in the pocket to avoid local friction and pilling. in addition, the wearing time is not easy to be too long, so as to avoid fiber fatigue and damage.

4. If pilling occurs, you can use scissors to cut the pom-pom, do not pull it forcefully, otherwise it will be impossible to repair due to the line off.

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